The foundation Talentueux “Kongolese en Angolese Stichting Talentueux” (KAST) was founded June 14th, 2002. People from Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola living in The Netherlands want to present themselves in an organization protecting the interests of the needy in these countries. This is not easy due to the fact that in The Netherlands we have lack of time because of our everyday pursuits. For some people it proves to be difficult to find an organization who can take care of these interests.

Congolese and Angolese people in The Netherlands tell us they're happy that KAST exists. The organization cares about their interests and organizes social activities in order to equip them to help people in Africa. Besides working in the Netherlands, KAST is also active in the European Union and in Africa.


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These are the objectives of our organization:

  1. Initiating and carrying out help-programs for Congolese and Angolese people who do not have the means to take care of themselves sufficiently
  2. Stimulating the social integration of Congolese and Angolese living in the Netherlands. In particular KAST aims to promote the concern and participation of the target group on relevant parts of society like education, labour, care and assistance.


Target group
KAST considers every Congolese and Angolese person living in the Netherlands or in the European Union as part of its target group. In particular we concentrate on people from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola who are currently living in The Netherlands. We think it is important to help these people as KAST has an extensive range in the Netherlands, since the foundation started in Holland. 


Executive committee
The KAST executive committee includes a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and other leading participants.

Lema Landu (Director)
Driemaster 50
3904RL Veenendaal

Alpha Ntangu (Chairman) 

Zonnebloemstraat 38-1
3905ZG Veenendaal

Louange S. Lema (Secretary)

Driemaster 50
3904RL Veenendaal

Serge Maiala (Treasurer)

Westersingel 47-2
3904CK Veenendaal

These important participants are active in KAST from the beginning:

Mw. Adrienne Baluka
Driemaster 50
3904RL Veenendaal

Mw. Gina Massamba
Zonnebloemstraat 38-1
3905ZG Veenendaal

Dhr. Mimy Ngeyitala
Thorbeckesingel 84
3904CT Veenendaal

Committee for women affairs

This committee is the part of KAST organizing activities for women. Adrienne Baluka is the chairwoman and Gina Massamba is the secretary.

At present, other members are Hawa Tshomba, Belinda Lulembi, Siska Kabata en Louange Siona Lema.


Organization overview

Below you will find additional explanation about the structure of the organisation KAST. Its administration, secretarial support and language translation are taken care of by “Vrijwilligers Netwerk Veenendaal” (a volunteer organisation) and foundation “Stichting De Vaart”.

Our volunteers in Democratic Republic of Congo are:

  • Mr. Lukombo Manzenzha van CEPROBEDI
  • Mr. Janvier Marie-Florent Kimbombi van CADIC ONGD
  • Mr. Père Magloire Kutekidila Nkwezi van BLEDCO

Technical support and management is taken care of by Hans Fast and Agent725 (Christian Amalgamated Intelligence).


The newsletter’s editorial staff is in hands of Ms. N.E. Pablo.


The KAST webmasters are:

The KAST consultants are:

  • Mr. Henri Winter (Forum)
  • Mr. Zeki Shehu (Stichting Mondiale Samenleving/ SMS)

KAST is also supported by some volunteers who provide their services and opinions and participate in projects:

We are very grateful that these volunteers are contributing to KAST.

To keep donors and sponsors in the picture, KAST provides updates about its projects through the KAST annual report and through this website. The annual report is published twice a year. The financial disclosure is included in the annual report that can be downloaded HERE (in dutch). The book-keeping and the financial statements are audited by Mr. A. de Koning, AA Accountant-administration consultant working with De Koning Accountants en Belastingadviseurs B.V.  in Veenendaal.

Right now, there are no students doing their practice at foundation Talentueux. Please feel free to consult us when you are interested and looking for practice opportunities!

You can download the logo of our foundation HERE for use in your communications.